• All inclusive Communication. Email. Encryption. Compliance. Mobility. Security.

  • World class support. We take care of everything from security to support, just call us.

  • Mobility & Accountability Do everything, anywhere. Know exactly what everyone is doing.


you get 50 GB of mail storage.
The average employee uses about 2-3 GB of storage in a year. With mailbox becoming the primary storage for all documents and correspondence, 50 GB will last even the most active users.

Mobile Access

Email on your phone or tablet.
Everything is with you on the go - email, contacts, calendars, notes - in perfect sync. Laptops, phones and tables will have the same data and if you lose one we can remotely wipe it!


SPAM and Virus filtering.
In addition to SPAM protection, TheOfficeServer uses some of the most sophisticated technology out there to protect you from Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Spyware and Adware.


Protect Your Email Data.
Send encrypted messages when you want to protect the contents or setup complex filters and lexicons that automatically detect secure content and encrypt messages for you. No software to install.

Enterprise Grade Email Solutions

We understand the importance of providing a complete, business enterprise solution. As part of that solution, you will have access to Calendars, Contacts, and Public Folders. With calendar access, your employees will be in charge of their personal calendar as well as have the ability to share and view the calendars of other employees. Global Contact list allow you to add contacts and share those added contacts with other employees. Last, but not least, public folders allow you and your employees to access files shared with one another on your network.



In addition to being secure, you can count on TheOfficerServer to respect your privacy.

We understand that security is of the utmost importance that's why all connections to our business continuity systems are secure and private. Using the same secure connection protocols as your bank and other online retailers like Amazon. We will never share your information, so you never have to worry about your data being sold to advertising companies.

99.999 % Uptime Guarantee


With TheOfficeServer you will be covered by our enterprise-grade business continuity system.

We house our servers in multiple geographic regions of the U.S including Dallas, L.A, Chicago, and Miami. In the event of a server failure in our main data center, the servers in our other data centers will be automatically notified and mail will start flowing through these locations. To gain access to your email, just log into our secure Outlook Web Access portal; we provide you with up to a year’s worth of sent and received email. This online access allows you to resume work, sending and receiving email without interruption. In addition to sending and receiving email, our online access allows provides you with nearly all of the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Web Access allows you to schedule appointments, send contact cards and create journals and notes. Our continuity system is always on, constantly archiving your sent and received mail, allowing you access 24/7/365.